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MEC places a premium on the entrepreneur and buys into him/her before their business idea. Qualities of successful entrepreneurs include passion & drive to succeed, willingness to learn, an entrepreneurial spirit and financial discipline among other traits! Do you have what it takes? Click here to apply now for the development programme that will propel you to greater heights!

The Entrepreneur McGeralds Entrepreneurship Centre uses selection criteria that ensure the right candidate with a vision and passion to excel is selected for ESD Programmes.

Extended Beneficiaries

McGeralds Entrepreneurship Centre endeavors to create sustainable jobs that will transform lives in the society. Rather than creating jobs that are short term and unsustainable, we believe in a model that will create long term sustainable jobs that address social-economic problems.

We measure our success by how much we impact what we call “extended beneficiaries”. These are groups that fall beyond the direct beneficiaries of our programmes.

Young Professionals

“If sustainable jobs are created our streets are safer to walk and drive in without fear of being robbed, mugged or hijacked…… It doesn’t solve the problem to create short lived jobs because the problem comes right back….”


–“I am so happy that my father now has a secure job and is able to provide for all of us. I can now focus on my studies knowing my fees will be paid and school needs met. I will make him proud too.”


‘It’s such a relief that my grandchild has secured long term employment and can now provide essentials for the family and cover my medical bills……“


“The thought of having many unemployed youths makes me feel unsafe from all forms of abuse as a girl but knowing that sustainable jobs are being created makes me feel safer in the township I live in without fear of being assaulted.”

Some of Our Clients