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Who We Are

We have over the years built a good reputation dealing with clients locally and overseas offering business solutions that lead to growth and sustainability.
We are solidly involved in Enterprise Development (ED) and Supplier Development (SD) in support of the government initiative meant to achieve sustainable economic growth and employment creation through the development of black-owned small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs).

We have developed a network of consultants to support the ED and SD programs, comprising Chartered Accountants, Strategists, Agricultural Economists, Researchers, Marketing Experts, Legal Experts, Trainers and Administrators with diverse skills and expertise sufficient to tailor and deliver an excellent service to clients of different profiles in the different industry sectors.


Our vision is to become the leader in the development of entrepreneurs globally.


To offer enterprise development and supplier development facilitation services as a bridge between large businesses and SMMEs.
To provide strategic business development programs and mentorship to entrepreneurs creating access to markets and sustainable jobs.
To create sustainable jobs that address socio-economic solutions to extended beneficiaries

  • Our Core Values

  • Excellence in service delivery
  • Transparency in dealing with all stakeholders
  • Integrity and Trust which form the foundation of all business relationships
  • Reliability and accountability.
  • Value addition in our dealings with all stakeholders
  • Professionalism in the conduct of services