Interested in Becoming a Mentor at McGeralds Entrepreneurship Centre


If you have experience, knowledge and skills you have gained over the years and would like to impart these to aspiring and growing entrepreneurs, here is an opportunity to give back as a mentor under McGeralds Entrepreneurship Centre programmes.

As a mentor you play a crucial role in ensuring small growing businesses evolve into institutions of positive influence to the society.

• Have vast industry experience
• Ability to communicate well and
• Have an analytic mind that enables you to anticipate expected needs of mentees and develop and provide relevant advice.
• Be able to meet or video conference with mentees at least once a quarter for one hour
• As each business is configured, a mentor is expected to possess an open view to circumstances that allows a holistic approach to the mentees needs.
• Continuous professional development. The experience will normally be recognised by several professional boards for CPD purposes.
• While imparting knowledge, it is unavoidable that some learning opportunities will become available to the mentor as well.
• Mentors receive relevant development to facilitate their services. This can help establish business contacts for mentors.
• This is a platform to contribute in building the development of South Africa and redress of socio-economic challenges.

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