At McGeralds Entrepreneurship Centre your success is our pride and passion. Beyond your innovative idea, there are business fundamentals necessary to commercialise it. We will equip and empower you with sound business knowledge and skills by offering you industry specific business solutions that will give you an edge. Whether you require physical incubation or virtual incubation, we will help you grow your business through our 12 month, 24 month and/or 36 month programmes.

BDS Program McGeralds Entrepreneurship Centre

Physical Incubation

If you have committed to this entrepreneurship journey and have a business model you want to see become a success, our physical incubation offering will ease the cash flow burden and give you a platform to grow your business with as little overheads. You will enjoy the following benefits:


  1. Reception services including telephone answering.
  2. Internet access
  3. Boardroom and meeting facilities
  4. Printing facilities
  5. Coffees and Teas
  6. Furnished air conditioned offices (hot desk)


In addition to the physical infrastructure, you will have access to business support services to help you refine your model, manage, report on and appraise your growth.

The business support services include:

    • Operations management systems support
    • Financial management
    • Management control systems support
    • Inventory management systems
    • Business strategy development & Implementation support
    • Marketing strategy development & implementation support Human resources systems and planning
    • Mentorship, Leadership development, Facilitation of networking sessions and team building
    • Governance, business ethics and risk management systems
    • Assistance with raising funding

Virtual Incubation

This version of incubation provides business support services without provision of physical infrastructure support. This is relevant for businesses that have established premises, work on site (eg construction), or simply do not require premises but only need business development support and mentorship.

The business support services offered under virtual incubation include:

    • Operations Management Support
    • Financial Management
    • Inventory Management Systems
    • Business Strategy Development & Implementation Support
    • Marketing Strategy Development & Implementation Support
    • Human Resources Systems and Planning
    • Mentorship & Coaching
    • Leadership Development & Team Building
    • Facilitation of Networking Sessions, Seminars and Workshops
    • Governance, Business Ethics and Risk Management
    • Assistance with raising funding

Eligibility for incubation

The following criteria are the minimum requirements to be eligible for selection:

  • At least 51% black ownership or 51% black woman ownership.
  • Revenue must be below R50 million per annum
  • Owner/s must be involved in business full time
  • Business must be in operation for at least 6 months
  • High moral character
  • No criminal record
  • Evidence of business training or business management experience


Why Choose McGeralds Entrepreneurship Centre?

Access to Finance
We assist you to get adequate favourable financing that will fuel growth

Access to Markets
Our expertise and knowledge will help you unlock new markets and rapidly drive expansion for your business.

Access to Resources
At your disposal will be important resources like Internet, telephone, printing facilities, office space, etc.

Mentorship and coaching provided by experts in various fields of expertise to guide you step by step

Application Procedure

Apply to secure a place and become part of our entrepreneurship programme by clicking here